Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Printable version of the moving checklist

Relocation is something that we go through at every part of our life, at one point. With it being a super stressful and challenging time, writing a moving checklist is very important because it saves us from panicking and worrying about things that may not be even there.

8 Weeks Pre-Move

7 Weeks Pre-Move

6 Weeks Pre-Move

5 Weeks Pre-Move

4 Weeks Pre-Move

3 Weeks Pre-Move

2 Weeks Pre-Move

1 Week Pre-Move

The Week of Moving

1 Week after Moving

2 Weeks after Moving

Why A Moving Checklist Is So Important To Your House Move

There are a few solid reasons why we need to create one to make our house removals easier for ourselves:

  1. Moving companies often request them! It may come like a little bit of a surprise that they request for these types of things however to make your transition easier, they ask for one. Sometimes there are so many things we have to move from one place to the other, we totally forget we have specific things we’re moving. This helps us keep track of all our belongings ensuring that nothing is actually lost or misplaced during the trip. It leaves both yourself and the movers accountable for what is on the sheet, often meaning that you cannot encounter much of an issue when it comes to stolen goods.
  2. It makes your relocation easier. How many times have we got so much in the house that we have practically lost our mind thinking about how we are going to get everything organized? Moving house has got to be one of the hardest situations with trying to get everything done in time, the last thing you actually need is something that you may have missed out on because there is nothing worse than getting to your new place and realizing because you forgot to stick something on list, you left it behind and cannot even retrieve it.
  3. It helps you get a better quote from a professional company. Sometimes companies charge extra simply because they don’t always know the specifics of what you have. The beauty of a moving checklist is that when you can list off all the exact items to the company, they need to figure out if they have a removal van available as well as seeing if their movers are actually capable of transporting the goods in terms of if they are enough. A lot of furniture removals take a specific type of trained individual to be able to take them from one place to the other, and when you have a checklist, it ensures that the company knows exactly what is being relocated, hence can send the correct people to be able to help you with that.
  4. If you are using a moving and storage company, a checklist is more than essential. With millions of other things stored in the place, you would never want your stuff to get lost at any cost. It is already expensive enough trying to move house, it isn’t smart to not have a full account of everything you possess. Storage companies are huge, and even though they take necessary precautions when it comes to be able to put all your goods in one place, having a list of everything you have reserved with them, comes in more than handy!