Moving Quotes

Moving Quotes

Moving house can be an expensive affair, so it is important to plan it such that at the end of the moving day, you don’t have any nasty surprises in the bill the moving company gives you. Above all, you must ensure that the service you are getting is worth the price you are paying. This is why you need to discuss your needs with the moving service you choose so that the quote they suggest includes all the services you will be needing and your move can be executed smoothly and quickly without incurring any additional costs at the end of the day.

Before you hiring a particular service, you should research on several moving companies to see which one provides you with the best deal. Here are some points to ensure that the companies give you near accurate quotes to compare with.

Movers survey

Most moving companies provide a pre-moving assessment where their surveyor comes to your home to take stock of everything that you will be moving. This enables them to gauge the necessary equipments and crew members they will need to execute the move and provide you with a near accurate quote on how much it will cost to move house. How much your move costs you will depend upon the volume of things you are moving.

To avoid any nasty surprises on moving day, you must make sure they view the entire lot and take into account everything that needs to be moved. This will also help you avoid any lack of equipment of labor on moving day. Once the assessment is complete, the company should be able to provide you with an estimate within a few days.


Before you accept a service you must check if the moving company is providing you with good-in-transit insurance, and if they are, what are included in their terms and conditions. Most companies cover up to a certain amount, if you need more cover for your goods you might have to purchase additional insurance. Make sure your company provides this option and find out how much of the value of goods the company is willing to cover.


If your goods need to be put in storage during the move, make sure that you company provides this service, or has business partners that will. Some firms will charge you for storage by cubic foot per week while there might be some who will offer free storage up to a week. Make sure you let the company know how long you need to keep your belongings in storage and that the storage cost is added to quote. Also check if there will be extra charges for handling the goods in the warehouse.

Special services

If you have extremely fragile, bulky or valuable items such as antiques, art, chandeliers, pianos, etc. that involve specific equipment for moving or special packaging skills, make sure your assessor is made aware of these needs and that these specialist services are incorporated into your moving quote.

Compare quotes

When you have done the above and received quotes from the companies, you should pick at least three companies and compare the expenses and services they involve in order to decide which service to go with. A low quote doesn’t always mean it is a good deal if the company does not provide good services. A high quote maybe cost effective if it includes extra services such as parking, traffic delay etc.

Make sure you research on some customer feedback as well so that you don’t compromise quality for cost. Comparing like for like, in both services and prices, will help you pick a deal best suited to your moving needs.