Shipping Your Car Makes a Cross Country Move Simple and Easy

Shipping Your Car Makes a Cross Country Move Simple and Easy

A cross country move can be a big task, and can cause a tremendous amount of stress on you and your family. Kids especially get worried about moving so far away, making new friends, and attending a new school. Of course for adults there are a multitude of worries as well that make the process all the more stressful.

One thing that can help to simplify the process is to ship your car to your new destination. Whether you ship your car and fly, ship one car and drive the other, or ship a car cross country so that you can drive a moving truck full of your belongings, shipping your car can save time and worry.

Benefits of Shipping Your Car

One way that shipping your car can help with the adjustment, especially for younger children, is that the entire family can travel together and arrive at the new home at the same time. Most families today own at least two cars, and by shipping one and driving one the family can all ride in one vehicle, making the transition easier on children.

Probably the most common reason families choose to is to avoid the wear and tear such a long drive will cause. Both to avoid putting more mileage on the car and to mitigate the chance of having to deal with break-downs and other problems along the way, many find it makes more sense to contract an auto transport company to eliminate the shipping

There are even several companies that offer both car shipping and moving services. That way you can only worry about working with one company to move all your belongings and your car to your new destination. Plus when you use one company for all your relocation needs there is often a price discount incentive. Because of this, it may actually be less expensive to ship your car than to drive it when you are already paying to have your belongings transported.

Things to Consider When Hiring an Auto Transport Company

First and foremost when contracting an auto shipping company to transport your vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that the company is completely insured and bonded. This is extremely important in case your vehicle is damaged during the shipping process. This isn’t very common, but if it does happen you’ll want to know that everything is covered by the shipping company.

Shipping your vehicle is a big decision, which should only be made after proper research. Make sure to look at reviews of the company beforehand to get an idea of how they treat their customers and their vehicles. Look to find out the frequency of damage, timeliness, price, and trustworthiness of the company.

There can be many benefits to shipping cars during a big move, and through thorough research you can determine whether auto shipping is right for you. Most people choose to ship their cars in order to prevent putting miles on their car, or to make the move easier on their family by eliminating the hassle of having to drive the long distance themselves. Overall, shipping your car can simplify the moving process and allow you to start your new life refreshed and with your best foot forward.

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